If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Obtaining records

Record requests can be faxed to (888) 972-6907 or mailed to PO Box 94423, 2420 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98124. Please allow time for mailing plus 15 days for processing.

The patient portal is no longer monitored daily. Do not use for any urgent requests.

Meditrinalia Naturopathic’s phone and fax will remain live for at least 6 months after the closure of the physical location. until the end of 2019. The mail address will change to PO Box 94423, 2420 4th Ave S, Seattle WA 98124.

Patient records will be maintained for 10 years per Washington state law. If you wish to pick up a physical copy of your records, please send a written request to the address listed above. 

Urgent medical concerns (Legacy)

For urgent medical concerns that cannot wait until the next business day please contact the ER or walk-in urgent care center that takes your insurance. A list is found on the resources page. An urgent concern is a medical issue  – illness, injury, or symptom or condition – that cannot wait until the next day,  but that is not a life-threatening emergency

Providers, hospitals, labs and other healthcare facilities: if calling about a patient order or referral that originated from Meditrinalia Naturopathic, please call (206) 910-6176 and leave a voicemail. If the order or referral originated from Bastyr Clinic for Natural Health, please call (206) 834-4100 and contact the medical assistant (during office hours) or if it cannot wait, the on-call clinician (DOC, Doctor On Call). If the order originates from Rain City Integrative, please contact their front desk at (206) 352-9000.

Refills: No refills at this location as of 1/31/2019

If you are an existing patient, I will provide refills that do not require a visit up until January 31, 2019. If a refill requires a visit you will need to either see me at Rain City Integrative Clinic or at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. After January 31, 2019 you MUST establish care with me at one of those locations in order to have me continue providing refills. If you wish to find another doctor, please see the letter sent to you for options, or contact me for recommendations. Update 3/1/2019: Due to my currently not being in practice, you must establish care with another provider.

Electronic/Patient Portal:

For life-threatening emergencies, dial 911.

IF YOU HAVE SEEN ME AT RAIN CITY OR BASTYR CENTER DO NOT USE THIS PORTAL. Rain City Patients please log in at the Rain City patient portal. Bastyr Center For Natural Health Patients please log in through the Bastyr Ochin MyChart link.

As the practice is now closed, this patient portal link below is only to retrieve your old records. No appointments are booked through this portal, and no questions can be answered about your medical care. Messages are NOT checked daily.


Mail can be sent to:

PO Box 94423 2420 4th Ave S, Seattle WA 98124.

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