His Cervix, Her Prostate

This is a piece that I originally wrote back in August 2013, on my old website. Recently a colleague (Ivy Branin ND of Simplicity Health wrote me, asking for help in wording a post she had written regarding cervical cancer. A commenter had posted: …. not all people with a cervix are women. If you are talking about biological processes, […]

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Happy Meditrinalia! and happy National Coming Out Day!

This post originally appeared on 10/11/2014 Novum vetus vinum bibo: novo veteri morbo medeor! Meditrinalia (from Latin mederi “to be healed”) was an ancient Roman festival that celebrated both the grape harvest and healing. Held on October 11th, the custom was to make a libation of old wine along with the new (basically, probably fresh-pressed grape juice), and […]

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