Fees and Insurance


I have worked to keep my practice accessible to patients of all demographics.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties, or are on Medicare, please talk to my office about sliding scale fees.

We may be able to estimate what you owe before the visit.  Also, many insurances cover visits to my office with no deductible applied.

Co-pays, coinsurance, and any deductible are due at the time of the visit. Your bill can be paid by credit card, HSA, cash, or check. 

If I dispense any tinctures, payment is due at the time of the visit.

How much will I owe?

The short answer: how much your visit costs, in the end will vary depending upon your insurance and your plan. The long answer: please see this article.


Before your first visit, please call your plan to make sure that it covers services provided by a licensed naturopathic physician. Find out if there are any referrals needed. I am listed as a PCP (primary care provider) for many plans, which (usually) means that a visit to me does not require a referral or pre-authorization.

Insurance plans that I am currently in-network with are:

  • Premera (PCP)
  • LifeWise (PCP)
  • Regence Participating, Preferred (PCP)
  • Lifewise and Premera plans available on the Washington State Health Exchanges (PCP)
  • United Healthcare plans (PCP)
  • First Choice (covers many small plans)
  • Health Net Oregon
  • Medical Resource, LLC
  • EnhancedCareMD
  • Access One Consumer Health 
  • Health Allies
  • Cigna: Open Access Plus, PPO and HMO
  • ProviderOne/Applehealth/Medicaid: Molina Healthcare (Medicaid, Washington Health Exchange Plans); Amerigroup, United Healthcare Community Plan. (PCP)
  • Aetna – it appears no referrals are required, but check with your plan.

If I am not in network with your insurance, I can bill as out of network. Before coming in, please check with your insurance to find out whether or not it will cover services by an out of network naturopathic doctor.

Please call your insurance before your first visit, give them my name and location, and ask  the following:

  • Am I (Dr. Witherspoon) in network with them?
  • Do you need a preauthorization or referral to see me?
  • Are there any limits on visits to my practice?
  • What are your copay or coinsurance?
  • How much is your deductible, and how much is left?
  • If I am not in network with your insurance, find out if you need a pre-authorization to see me.

Medicaid Patients: Start here

As of 2014, naturopathic doctors are eligible to participate in Washington State Medicaid plans. 

When you enroll with Medicaid (aka ProviderOne, aka AppleHealth), you will be automatically assigned to a managed care organization (Molina, UHC, Amerigroup, Coordinated Care or Community Health Plan) unless you select one. You can also choose to change from your assigned plan to another one. You do this online at the ProviderOne site, or by calling Medicaid at 1-800-562-3022 (TTY/TTD users call 711).

To find out which Medicaid managed healthcare organization (MCO) plan you were assigned to, look at the card sent to you by the MCO. Or call Medicaid or login through the ProviderOne Client Portal.

If your Medicaid MCO plan is Coordinated Care or Community Health Plan, I cannot see you unless your primary care provider refers you and obtains an authorization from your insurer.

Medicaid patients do not:

  • owe a copay or co-insurance, and do not have a deductible.
  • cannot be balance billed by someone who is network by Medicaid (which I am).
  • Cannot pay out of pocket for services by a provider who is enrolled in Medicaid, even if that provider is not in network with their managed healthcare plan.
  • Still have to pay for physical items such as botanical tinctures that are not covered by Medicaid.