An End and a Beginning

Update 3/1/2019:

It’s never easy to close a practice, or to leave practice. What made practice worthwhile was the chance to work with those who came to me. I thank all of my patients who have shared their time, stories and lives with me.

In March 2019 I left the practice of naturopathic medicine. I am not practicing in any location. Please see the below for information on continuing care. I cannot provide refills, referrals, labs or care. If you have lab orders from when you saw me at my downtown location, do not run them. If you have seen me at Bastyr Center for Natural Health or Rain City, please continue care with the other providers there. If you have not found a new provider, please find one. For obtaining your medical records, please see the contact page .

In mid-February I suffered an injury from a fall which prevented me from continuing to practice. If you are a patient who was scheduled to see me at Rain City Integrative or Bastyr after February 16, 2019, please know that I was physically unable to make your appointment. All patient care was transferred to colleagues at Rain City Integrative and Bastyr Clinic for Natural Health after that date. I am grateful for their doing so.

I thank you all for the opportunity to work with you. Going forward I look to be able to continue advocacy for better healthcare for the transgender/gender-non-conforming & general LGBTQ community and other under-served communities. I will also continue to advocate for vaccines and evidence-based/science-based healthcare.

Original post:

While parts of this no longer apply, I have left the bulk of it in place for legacy purposes.

If you were a patient and are looking for a new naturopathic doctor, consider contacting Rain City Integrative Clinic. They offer greatly expanded services compared to my practice:

  • Dr. Sabatinos and Dr. Morris see children as well as adults;
  • Onsite mental health professionals for visits and counseling;
  • The ability to collect labs on-site;
  • Well-person exams (e.g. pelvics, Pap smears, etc.);
  • Vaccines on-site for children (and some adult vaccines as well);
  • A greater variety of services, such as IUD placements and minor procedures.

Located on the shores of Lake Union near the Aurora and Fremont bridges, it has free parking (let’s prioritize here!), and is reachable by public transit. Plus, a gorgeous location: 2730 Westlake Ave N, Unit 4 Seattle, WA 98109. If you have seen me in the last few years, a letter was sent out to you. If you did not receive one, please send me a patient portal message or call the office. Please note that after January 31, 2019 I will be unable to provide refills, referrals or phone consults unless you are seen at my new location.

Meditrinalia Naturopathic’s patient portal and email will remain active for the foreseeable future. Records will be retained per Washington state law for 10 years.

It has not been easy to reach this decision. I thank all of my patients who have shared their time, stories and lives with me.